The Masurian Huts
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  kom.:  +48505155153

Mazurskie Chaty 
Plac 1 maja 4 B
11-710 Piecki, Poland

Enjoy the Masurian attractions


We did our best to prepare perfectly your stay in the Masurian Huts. You will keep it in your mind for a long time.

The complex is situated at the Wągiel lakeside. Each hut was built precisely. The traditional interior decorations combine with the modern details. A comfortable accomodation is the ground for a great rest though.

There are 16 huts for 5 people, equiped with a fire-place, a kitchen annex and a bathroom. Moreover, 6 huts for 7 people, equiped with a kitchen annex and a bathroom. The huts are at your disposal.


You will rest on the land and on the water

In the Masurian Huts you will find an exellent relaxation place. During your stay in our rest-centre you have following opportunities to spend your time fascinatingly:

· to participate in the canoeing rally down the picturesque river Krutynia,

· to drive in a cab or ride a horse organized by the modern stud,

· to dive in the clearest lakes,

· to admire a beautiful nature while walking and cycling,

· to increase own angling trophies by the shaply Masurian breams and pikes,

· to visit well-known villages: Mrągowo, Mikołajki and the castle in Reszel.

There are volley-ball and basket-ball fields, a tent field, a space for campers and caravans on our rest-centre area. Everyone can rent a bike, a waterbike or a boat.

Attractions for children

A modern and safety playground will make the children's stay unforgetable, whereas parents can be sure that the little ones will find here all they expect.

We invite you to visit the Masurian Huts, where you will have a fantastic recreation.



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